Updated 23/03/2020


  • Due to the Coronavirus pandemic all Stretch Classes are postponed until further notice starting from Wednesday 25 March 2020.
  • We will advise on the recommencement of classes as soon as we feel it is safe to do so.
  • Please contact Lesley O'Hara via the Contact Us page if you have any queries concerning this.

Welcome to the website for Lesley O'Hara your Fitness Companion - Perth, Western Australia.

We have found a unique blend of activities - Stretch Classes and Nordic Walking Groups - that enables our clients to reach overall physical fitness and achieve balance and well being in their lives.

We operate Stretch Classes in the Perth suburbs of Swanbourne and Mt Claremont and Nordic Walking Groups and Courses in many locations including City Beach, Kings Park and Point Walter Reserve as well as along Leighton Beach during the summer.

For both activities we recognise the importance of maintaining an enjoyable social environment while at the same time improving your health and fitness.

Scroll down for all the benefits of Stretching & Nordic Walking.


We seem to instinctively know that stretching is good for us and generally feel better after we have done it, but do we know why? The following lists some of the many benefits of attending our stretch classes:

  • increased flexibility and joint range of motion
  • improved circulation
  • better posture and enhanced coordination
  • improved breathing and good stress relief
  • relieves pain - particularly in the neck and shoulders
  • helps tone and shape the body
  • strengthens core and major joint muscles
  • improves balance
  • complements other sporting activities by helping to avoid injury and enhance performance


Nordic Walking is an easy form of fitness walking held in parks and along rivers and beaches that uses lightweight poles to give you a total body workout. It originated from cross country skiing in Scandinavia and is now experiencing worldwide growth as a popular method of maintaining fitness. The following gives you some of the many benefits:

  • Burns up to 45% more calories and provides up to 25% more cardiovascular workout than regular walking
  • Uses 90% of your body's muscles
  • Decreases impact on the joints of your lower body
  • Strengthens and tones the upper back, shoulders and arms
  • Releases pain and tension in the neck and shoulders
  • Improves coordination and balance and increases the lateral mobility of the spine
  • It is more fun than regular walking as there is more variety and a social connection with other walkers
  • It enhances your mood - we have noticed a distinct feeling of wellbeing after each session and research shows it helps anger, fatigue and depression

You may be interested in participating in both the above activities - or just one. See details under 'Stretch Class Schedule' & 'Nordic Walking Schedule'.